On the way out

I feel like Facebook is just a place to pretend we’re on a soap box and have our voices heard. More and more I creep closer to the Uninstall button, starting to feel like the fad of social media (fancy way of saying Ad watcher) is coming to an apex, or hopefully an end. Not […]

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Where in Hydaelyn Am I? – 5

#WhereInHydaelynAmI   RULES


LEGO of my pieces

Playing with some LEGO pieces this evening. Started out with a project in mind, then the boys wanted more and MOAR pieces. This is all I had left after just 30 minutes or so.


Decisions, decisions

I’m horrible at choosing a game to get into while on the road. I think, secretly, I like the challenge of hooking it up to random TVs more than playing. TVs that can range from tube to LED and sometimes the hotels try and cover things up, which I just find more of a challenge!  […]


NASA says they DID go to the moon

Ever wonder if the moon landing was at all staged? Well stop it! Stop it right now! NASA has released thousands of stunning photos, various pictures taken from the mission Maybe we don’t all want to be up there, but a good chunk of us do and if seeing these pictures doesn’t stir at least […]


Time to compact for the road

Heading out of town for a couple of days. Time to make things fit! #OnTheRoad #AwayFromHome


Halloween is almost here 2015!

  My cheek bones are bigger then my cheek bones! #GeekDad


Like a BOSS

I needed this on my site. Reddit: Imgur:


Cartridges anyone?

Disc’s vs Cartridges! I’m bringing that debate back out and blowing the dust out of it! A discussion came around the other day while my wife was playing Destiny about loading times, and I went on about how fast it would be if we didn’t need the disc. Thinking back to all those *ahem* times […]

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Where in Hydaelyn Am I? – 4

#WhereInHydaelynAmI #ProtoXoa #Hyperion   :: RULES ::


D&D for our kids

Too cool and wet to really play outside. Daddy – Want to play #skylanders ? Alex – No. Daddy – Do you want to make a puzzle? Alex – No. Daddy – Do you want to play a boardgame? Alex – Yes, but a new one daddy! Daddy – Umm OK! We proceeded to open […]



Having been almost a year already since Felicia Day’s famous post, I still want to encourage an idea my wife and I had. A symbol to represent that we stand for equality for gamers! (And everywhere else!) There are quite a few places already buzzing with this topic. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook (GamersForEquality). Each of these talking about their […]


Where in Hydaelyn Am I? – 3

I’ll keep them simple for now, until we get some people guessing on them! lol   #WhereInHydaelynAmI :: RULES ::

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Where in Hydaelyn am I? – 2

Let’s see if anyone can find this pretty little picture! I will be posting more remote locations eventually. These are fun ones for now since I need to get me some followers first. (=P) #WhereInHydaelynAmI RULES

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Where in Hydaelyn am I? – 1

A game a started a few months ago, and I’m trying to reboot it. Or… ya’know, get going in the first place… again. (/x_x)/ The idea being that I have taken a screen shot somewhere in Hydaelyn, the world of Final Fantasy XIV. I play this game quite a bit these days as it is an […]